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Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program

Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program (OEIP)

The office creates three levels of Profiles Reports for Oklahoma’s public school system - State, District, and School Profiles. The information presented in the “Profiles Report” is divided into three major reporting categories: (1) Community Characteristics, (2) Educational Process, and (3) Student Performance. The intention is to mirror a real-world educational process. Students have a given home and community life. They attend schools comprised of a diverse makeup of teachers who deliver education through different programs and a variety of teaching styles. And in the end, all of these factors come to bear on each student’s academic performance.


Oklahoma School Performance Review

Oklahoma School Performance Review (OSPR)

The Oklahoma School Performance Review (OSPR) Program was authorized by the Oklahoma Legislature during the 2001 session and amended during the 2005 session. The purpose of the performance reviews is to develop findings, commendations, and recommendations for individual school districts regarding: (1) containing costs; (2) improving management strategies; and (3) promoting better education for Oklahoma children. Click to find out how your school can be qualified for a 100% free school performance review.


Oklahoma Teacher Preparation (OTP)

Oklahoma Teacher Preparation (OTP)

Pursuant to SB1797, effective July 1, 2014 Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP) has consolidated with the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA). The OCTP serves as Oklahoma's independent standards board for teacher education. The enabling legislature of the Commission (HB1549 passed in 1995) charged OCTP with creating a competency-based teacher preparation system that would ensure competent and qualified teachers in every classroom. In order to carry out its legislative charge, the agency assumes three primary responsibilities: the accreditation of teacher preparation programs, the assessment of teacher candidates, and the ongoing growth and development of classroom teachers across the state. Realizing that the greatest determinant of student success is the quality of the classroom teacher, the focus of the Commission is to prepare and support effective teachers from their point of entry into teacher preparation programs and throughout their careers.